SofastWeb™ was created by Sofast Communications, a Montana owned and operated Internet Service Provider, located in Great Falls, Montana. After being in the website developing business for years, Sofast Communications saw an increasing need for an affordable, self-built, manageable solution to provide businesses who understood the importance of having an online web-presence, but could not afford to hire a programmer to build them a site.

Sofast Web is designed to give the consumer an alternative to hiring a professional web site developer, or learning how to build their own site through traditional programming methods. With Sofast Web, the user establishes an account with a password. After the user logs-in and builds the site through an easy to use “Set-Up Wizard,” the site is hosted on Sofast Communications’ Internet Servers. “Customers of the product have the ability to access and make changes to their site, 24 x 7, from any computer in the world that has access to the Internet.

“Unlike other web-developing programs, Sofast Web customers do not load any software onto their computer; everything is web-based. The product allows a business’ web site to grow and change when the owner needs it to, without paying high updating fees that programmers charge,” states Dave Peterson, Sales Manager for Sofast Communications.At Sofast Communications, we maintain a staff of highly qualified web developers and programmers who are dedicated to delivering a professional, user-friendly product to enhance and promote their business. We are committed to supporting and continually enhancing Sofast Web’ tools and features to ensure that customer sites grow as the need arises.

About Sofast Communications

Founded in 1999 and locally owned and operated, Sofast Communications provides $13/month nationwide dialup Internet access, regional broadband Internet access, SIMS, SIMS.lite, and Sofast web™ – the internet-based web site building product. The Sofast network primarily delivers IP data services throughout Montana. As one of the largest and fastest growing service providers in the Northwest, Sofast is constantly expanding its service area and service portfolio. Sofast currently offers business class, high-speed, broadband Internet access to over 50% of Montana’s population. Sofast was the first Montana-based service provider to offer nationwide dialup Internet access.

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